‚Learning by Playing‘ is a game about Schema Therapy in general, but also about Schema Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Parents (ST-CA).

With the help of ‚Learning by Playing‘ you can expand, deepen, and consolidate your learned knowledge that you have gathered from your experiences but also from the courses, trainings, seminars, workshops, and/or supervisions about ST and ST-CA in particular. 

Here the current link to the Play that is valid till 2023, July, 16: click here


How does the game work?

There is a play field with different pictures (number 1.-12.). All you have to do is click on the pictures one by one.

You will be automatically redirected to our Kahoot quizzes, that deal with various topics related to ST-CA.

In addition, three online assessments (Test with about 20 questions) are included to check your knowledge once again. In case of 70 % or more correct answers you will get a Certificate.

The game ‚Learning by Playing‘ is therefore helpful not only to consolidate what you have already learned, but also to give you the chance to playfully check your level of knowledge in ST-CA.

Click on the picture above to get an impression of what the game is like. For obtaining the full version of the game, you should be a participant of a seminar or workshop in ST-CA held by Christof Loose. If you’re interested in playing the full version of the game, please contact  assistenz@psychotherapie-loose.de with the name of the course you have taken or will be taking in the future.